April 26 – David Hanson


Dr. David Hanson creates androids-humanlike robots with intelligence and feelings. Via integrated research in cognitive A.I., material science, sculpture and animation, expressive robotic faces and walking robot bodies, Hanson strives to bring robots to life, literally.

The walking, animated, conversational robots resulting from Hanson’s efforts were called “genius” by WIRED and PC magazine, and appeared in National Geographic, Popular Science, BBC, Science, among others. A former Disney Imagineer, Hanson received awards from NASA, NSF, AAAI, Tech Titans’ Innovator of the Year, Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, several best poster and paper awards. Hanson invented or co-invented numerous technologies, including lipid-bilayer nanotech simulating skin, expressive face mechanisms, and neurocognitive-inspired software systems for A.I. He published over 32 peer-reviewed papers with IEEE, Science, Springer, Cog Sci, AAAI, SPIE, chapters in 4 books, and coauthored a book with JPL senior scientist Yoseph Bar-Cohen.

As an artist, Hanson exhibited at the Cooper Hewwit, Tokyo Modern, Reina Sofia, and many other museums and galleries, as well as the Atlantis Resort, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, and Disneyworld, with reviews in the New York Times, L.A. Times, and others. Hanson received his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas and film BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Hanson founded Hanson Robotics and RoboKind to pursue character robot research and applications, releasing numerous products for science research and an upcoming consumer product. Ultimately, Hanson strives to help realize Genius Machines-machines with greater than human intelligence, creativity, wisdom, and compassion.


April 19 – Angie Jones


angiepicAfter two decades creating animation for award winning Hollywood Blockbusters, Angie has returned to traditional mediums and original content through painting. Jones is Assistant Professor for the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, at USC. Angie Jones earned a degree in Electronic Arts from the Atlanta College of Art in 1994 and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2015. Jones’ first solo exhibition premiered at Prohibition Gallery Culver City (2014) and she has participated in various group exhibitions nationally. She is represented in many private collections in the U.S., France, and the U.K. She lives and works in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Jones’ depiction of a world consumed with 140 characters, 6-10 second videos, and emojis lies somewhere between the digital and the physical. Much like the subliminal messages of advertising and commercial art, Jones’ aesthetic choices come from influences of computers in our everyday life. She paints the splintered nature of humanity in a post-technological society.  In the artist’s words, “Omission through the abstraction is as important as what remains.”

Jones’ work has been shown at galleries and museums including: Ball State University Atrium Gallery (2015), Laguna Art Museum (2012 & 2015), Prohibition Gallery (2014), Bedford Gallery (2010 & 2014), Cella Gallery (2013), Fullerton Art Museum (2012), and The Chandler Center for Art in Arizona (2011), Rockford Art Museum (2011) and James Gray Gallery (2008).

Jones’ artwork has been published in LA Weekly (January 2015 issue); Apartment Therapy (November 2014), Platinum Cheese (August 2014: Studio Visit), Quiet Lunch (May 2014), Get Inspired (Summer 2014), Examiner (2013), and The Wall Street Journal (2010).

Angie’s sites for Animation:





April 12 – Christine Panushka

Christine Panushka is an internationally known award winning artist, filmmaker/animator and educator.  Her films are regularly screened at the RedCat Theater in Los Angeles and at Film Festivals is Asia, Europe, South America, and North America.  They have won numerous awards including the Grand Prize at the Aspen Filmfest and a Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival.

hand on top of red head


Her work explores internal states of being and the female psyche using stillness and small gestures to describe emotional and spiritual states.  Critics have described her work as “completely original and capable of affecting both cerebral and sensual complexities.”

Named an Absolut Visionary in 1996, Panushka conceptualized, directed and curated “Absolut Panushka,” The second issue in a series of content based web sites sponsored by Absolut Vodka.  “Absolut Panushka” is a ground breaking web site, which supports and promotes experimental animation.  The site features a festival section, highlighting the work of 32 world class animators, including Panushka.  Also included are a history section written by Dr. William Moritz and an animation tool, where anyone in the world can produce a piece of animation and have it posted on the site.  “Absolut Panushka” has been honored with an “Award of Excellence” from Communication Arts Magazine, 1st prize for Animation on the Internet by both the World Animation Celebration in Los Angeles and the Holland International Animation Film Festival in Utrecht, Holland.

Panushka served as Chair of the Animation Jury for the 16th International Hiroshima Animation Festival. She has also served on many juries including the The Annie Awards and The Ann Arbor International Film Festival. She has curated animation programs, and served on the selection committees for Glas Animaiton Festival, the Hiroshima International Animation Festival and the Ottawa International Animation Festival.  She has worked as a freelance animator on music videos, and Saturday Morning television series.

Before joining the faculty at USC, Panushka was the Associate Director of the Experimental Animation Program at the California Institute of the Arts, where she taught for fourteen years.  She served as Associate Dean of the School of Film/Video for three years.  She also founded the animation program for the California State Summer School for the Arts, a summer program for talented high school students sponsored by the State of California and the animation program for CalArt’s Community Arts Partnership at Inner City Arts and the Encino Media Center.  These animation programs are unique in that they offer students an in-depth experience of animation in all its forms.

She received her BFA from the University of Utah where she was honored as a Distinguished Alumni and an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts.

Currently, Panushka is a Professor in the John Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and is producing, directing and animating a non-narrative feature animated film due for completion in 2019.

April 5 – Alumni Academia & Alternative Careers

This alumni panel brings together PhDs, Professors, Alternative Careers and Independents to discuss their experiences since graduating from Hench-DADA. Short presentations and then Q&A with seminar teams.



Adriana Jaroszewicz has been working in animation for over 17 years. Her experience ranges from Internet-based to feature-length animation and visual effects films.

Adriana holds an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Before joining LMU, Adriana served as a Senior Digital Trainer for animators, compositors, hair, layout, character set-up and character pipeline crews at Sony Pictures Imageworks. She trained artists for feature films such as Monster House, Ghost Rider, Superman Returns, Surf’s Up, Open Season, Spiderman 3, I Am Legend, Beowulf, Watchmen, G-Force, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Alice in Wonderland and Cats and Dogs 2.

She has collaborated with composer Martin Jaroszewicz on a series of projects including “OSC Physics” and “OSC Physics Pro,” two audiovisual applications for the iPad, and “Chaos and Metamorphosis,” an audiovisual installation that was on view at the Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts.

Adriana regularly teaches and presents at conferences and engagements around the world. She has been a Professor in Residence at SideFX software to continue her professional development in Houdini. She a is Certified Nuke Trainer for The Foundry’s compositing software Nuke through fxphd.com

She continues to research the application of movement analysis-based methods as pedagogy to improve 3D computer animation biomechanics and character development. She has completed her animated short El Botín (The Looting), a dark tragic comedy combining 3D computer animated characters and miniature environments, and currently she is working on another CG film about a dog.




Scott Bogoniewski 

Scott has 25 years of diversified production experience on projects in film and games ranging from script through final delivery including Sony Imageworks, Speedshape, Rhythm and Hues, House of Moves and others. He has assisted over 1,000 independent animated films, videos and games at SCAD and CCS as Chair of Animation as well as Chair of Entertainment Arts.

Scott is an alumnus of the University of Southern California where he completed his MFA in Digital Animation and Digital Art and holds a BFA in Graphic Design from State University of New York.


 Laura Cechanowicz

Laura Cechanowicz is an iMAP PhD student and Los Angeles-based artist focused on world building, play, film, production design and sound.

A researcher and a collector, her work explores identity, neuroscience, the embodied mind, and the ways people record and transcribe personal histories. Her passion is participatory art as social practice, and she views teaching as an integral part of this work. Her experience includes fieldwork in the US, Nepal, China, Colombia, and throughout Europe.




Deborah Allison

I’m a maker – a strategic thinker and product designer who specializes in creating innovative digital experiences (web, mobile, app, virtual reality, etc). I currently work for Disney’s Parks & Resorts Digital team, connecting guests with tools that enhance their vacation.





Tiffanie Mang

Tiffanie Mang is a traditional animation artist who graduated from Hench-DADA BA in 2014, Tiffanie has worked on numerous projects including most recently the fully oil painted feature ‘Loving Vincent’.

Tiffanie teaches plein air painting master classes and works as a freelance animator and concept designer for various studios and companies including Psyop inc. and Dreamworks Animation.


Shish Aikat

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShish Aikat is the Head of Global Learning at Tau Films/John Hughes Institute (JHI). Prior to that, he was the Vice Principal of Exceptional Minds Studio, a vocational academy/studio in animation and VFX for young adults on the autism spectrum. In addition, he is the former Manager-Education and Head of Global Learning at Rhythm & Hues (R&H) Studios in Los Angeles. At R&H, he oversaw the knowledge management/dissemination and global learning for the studio’s operations in the U.S., Canada, India, Malaysia, and Taiwan. During that time, he also co-founded Rhythm & Hues University (RHU) to create and foster a global learning eco-system for R&H. Shish was also a technical communicator in both the Los Angeles area and in Silicon Valley and is a former President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (LASTC). He also taught as a Lecturer in the Master of Professional Writing (MPW) Program at USC and in the School of Film and Television (SFTV), Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.

Originally trained as a mechanical engineer from Jadavpur University (JU), Calcutta, Shish received his M.F.A. from the Division of Animation and Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts (SCA), University of Southern California (USC) in 2002. He was also a Nickelodeon Fellow from 2001-2002 while at SCA. He also earned an M.A. in Communication Management from the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism in 1990.

March 29 – Argentinian Filmmakers

Argentinean duo Grasso & Plaza


Santiago “Bou” Grasso and Patricio Plaza’s films meet at the delicate border between documentary and fiction, confronting us with the violence and human tragedies that took place in Argentina during the military dictatorship of the late 1970s and early ’80s.

The post-colonial histories of Latin American countries have been characterized by periods of violence, censorship, discrimination, and loss of memory of the recent past. How do artists live and create in societies that are inherently defined by human catastrophes?



March 22 – Art of Sound


William Whittington, Ph.D. is the author of Sound Design and Science Fiction (University of Texas Press, 2007) and co-editor of Spectatorship: Shifting Theories of Gender, Sexuality, and Media (University of Texas Press, 2017). He is also the Assistant Chair of Cinema & Media Studies in the School of Cinematic Arts, where he teaches courses in film and television history, genre, audio and digital culture, film and Buddhism, adaptation, and contemporary LGBT media. Between 1993-1997, he served as the curator of the USC Warner Bros. Archives, assisting with research on various films, documentaries, music scores and books. He has also worked as an editor for Time Warner Trade Publishing, specializing in the production of audiobooks.  His scholarly work includes articles and interviews on genre, audio and digital culture, and media technology, and he is currently writing a new book entitled: Sound Design and Horror (forthcoming).

Sound and Science Fiction/Horror

In this brief sound seminar, we will discuss cinematic sound in relation to film history, theory and production practices. Of particular interest will be the history of sound design, the applications of sound in relation to genre, specifically science fiction, action and horror films, and the techniques used in contemporary sound production. Sound and its relation to animation will also be an important area of discussion.



Midge Costin – Sound Design

midgeMidge Costin is the Kay Rose Professor in the Art of Dialogue & Sound Editing. She is the first to hold this endowed chair, which was given by George Lucas in 2005 and has been Head of Sound at SCA since 2000.

For 20 years, Costin has been a feature film sound editor in Hollywood, having worked at every major studio. Costin has collaborated on the soundtracks for filmmakers such as John Waters (Crybaby), David Wolper (Imagine: John Lennon), Kenneth Branagh (Dead Again), Tony Scott (Crimson Tide) and Jerry Bruckheimer (The Rock). Two of the films, Crimson Tide and Armageddon, for which she edited effects and dialogue, received Academy Award nominations for Sound Editing.

Several of the films Costin has sound edited have received nominations for the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Golden Reel Award. Crimson Tide won for Best Feature Film Sound Editing.

Costin worked her way up to editing sound on action adventure films at a time when very few women were cutting Fx in Hollywood (a situation which has not changed significantly).  She is a past Board member of the MPSE and is a long-standing member of the Editors Guild.

Her avocation as a surf kayaker has earned her a spot on the U.S. Surf Kayaking Team in 2005, the winner of the World Championship in Costa Rica. In 2007, the team took fifth place in Spain.

March 8 – Comedy & Animation

In 2010 USC became the first university in the nation to offer a program dedicated to training filmmakers in the art of comedy. USC Comedy at the School of Cinematic Arts offers instruction in the writing, directing, production as well as the history and theory of comedy. Students work with a distinguished, award-winning faculty of comedy professionals to discover and develop their comedic voices, while getting unrivaled access to the field through workshops, internships, demonstrations and screenings and festivals.

USC Comedy boasts an award-winning faculty that includes Jack Epps Jr. (The Secret of My Success, Legal Eagles, Top Gun) Barnet Kellman (Murphy Brown , Mad About You, George Lopez) David Isaacs (Cheers, Frasier, M*A*S*H*), Bill Prady (The Big Bang Theory) John Bowman (Saturday Night Live, In Living Color), Dave Goetch (The Big Bang Theory), Russ Woody (Drew Carrey), Mary Lou Belli (Girlfriends), Tim Marx (Baby Daddy) to name just a few.

Our students benefit from the expertise and participation of SCA Comedy Alumni such as Jay Roach (Austin Powers, Meet the Parents), Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Spy), Peter Segal (Tommy Boy, Get Smart), Tim Story (Barber Shop, Ride Along), Gabe Sachs (Freaks and Geeks), Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air), and Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off The Boat) among many other luminaries and industry professionals.

4E5D5BC6_9684_CD2A_A68BDD1AE95D12D0_originalJack Epps, Jr.

Chair, Writing for Screen & Television
Professor of Cinematic Arts, John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television


Jack Epps, Jr. is an award winning writer and filmmaker who first became involved in making films while an undergraduate at Michigan State University. Inspired by a student film festival, Epps made his first film the following semester and has been making movies ever since. His student film The Pigs vs the Freaks, was purchased by NBC and made into a Movie of the Week, re-titled Off Sides. Epps produced and worked as second unit director on the film.

Upon arriving in California, Epps wrote an episode of Hawaii Five-O and Kojak. While continuing to pursue his writing, Epps also worked as a cinematographer and an assistant cameraman on various local productions. Epps had the good fortune to work for a period of time as a second unit cameraman and assistant cameraman for Orson Welles on Mr. Welles’ last film, The Other Side of the Wind.

Epps united with his screenwriting professor from Michigan State University, Jim Cash, and began writing screenplays together. After writing seven unproduced screenplays, their first produced screenplay was Top Gun which went on to become the #1 world wide box office hit in 1986. Within eleven months, the writing team of Cash & Epps had three produced screenplays in the theaters: Top Gun, Legal Eagles, and The Secret of My Success. As a screenwriter, Mr. Epps co-authored over 25 screenplays and eight produced motion pictures including Dick Tracy, Turner & Hooch, and Anaconda. Epps also did extensive revisions on Sister Act and Die Hard III.

While Epps is primarily known for co-authoring big actions movies, Epps equally enjoyed writing romantic charm and chase comedies inspired by the films of Hitchcock, Wilder and Sturges. Films like The Secret of My Success, Legal Eagles, Turner & Hooch, Viva Rock Vegas, and Sister Act are examples of the comedy of Cash & Epps. Recently, Epps wrote the video game Top Gun for the Sony PlayStation network. Epps has also written video games for THQ.

Epps had the pleasure to write for some of the most successful actors in the motion picture industry including Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Warren Beatty, Michael J. Fox, Debra Winger, Al Pacino, Anthony Edwards, Bruce Willis, Meg Ryan, and John Voight. He also worked with such motion picture giants as Ivan Reitman, Jerry Breckheimer, Joel Silver, Herb Ross, Tony Scott and Dick Donner.

Epps was recently honored as the recipient of the first Victoria and Jack Oakie Endowed Chair in Comedy at the School of Cinematic Arts. Epps was the fall 2008 commencement speaker at the Michigan State University graduation ceremonies and was awarded an honorary doctorate by Michigan State University. In addition, Epps is recipient of the Michigan State University Spartans in Hollywood Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, the team of Cash & Epps was recently honored by the American Film Institute as one of the Top 100 Greatest Quotes in American Cinema for their line: “I feel the need… the need for speed.”

Epps is a thirty five year member of the Writer’s Guild of America, and a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


4F137E71_F44D_99E2_37962C99FDEF4801_originalDavid Isaacs

Professor of Cinematic Arts, John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television


David Isaacs, SCA Visiting Professor of Screenwriting has worked as a TV and Screen Writer and Producer for over 35 years. He has been credited as a writer, co-producer or creative consultant on M*A*S*H*, Cheers, Wings, Frasier, Becker and Mad Men.  He co-created and executive produced the series Mary, Big Wave Dave’s and Almost Perfect for CBS. His writing credits also include episodes of The Simpsons, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Jeffersons and The Tony Randall Show. Over the course of his career he has been involved as a writer or producer in over eight hundred episodes of TV comedy.

Screenwriting credits include Volunteers, starring Tom Hanks and John Candy, and uncredited re-writes on Mannequin, starring Andrew Mc Carthy and Kim Cattrall and Jewel of the Nile, starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

Isaacs has been nominated eight times for the Writers Guild of America Award and won three times for Cheers and Mad Men. He’s has six Emmy nominations with one win for co-producing the first season of Cheers. He’s also has been nominated for the Humanitas Award and received a Peabody Award as a member of the staff of Frasier.

March 1 – Animation & AI


Amulya Yadav PhD. candidate will present on behalf of Professor Milind Tambe.

Amulya is part of the Teamcore Research Group working at the USC Center for AI in Society.

How Can AI be Used for Social Good? Key Techniques, Applications, and Results

Discussions about the future negative consequences of AI sometimes drown out discussions of the current accomplishments and future potential of AI in helping us solve complex societal problems.  At the USC Center for AI in Society, CAIS, our focus is on exploring AI research in tackling wicked problems in society. This talk will highlight the goals of CAIS and areas of ongoing work. We will focus on the use of AI for assisting low-resource sections of society, such as homeless youth.



Dinant from citadel


Mark Thielen

Mark Thielen is an award winning leader in creating computer generated visual effects for films, TV, and commercials for over 15 years. He is one of the premiere crowd animation specialists in the world. Being the person creating crowd animation departments around the world, Mark has had the unique opportunity and skills to understand the varying needs of the leaders in all the departments of a production and deliver powerful results.

He has a passion for creating compelling stories that get at the heart of the characters. He supervised many visual effects heavy commercials. Some of the places Mark has produced work are Walt Disney Animation, Digital Domain, Reel FX Creative Studios, and Zoic Studios. Most recently, Mark brought the realistic robot Sophia to life for Hanson Robotics.

“When I was asked to be the CG Supervisor for Katy Perry’s “Firework” music video, the proj­ect looked impossible for the amount of work needed and the limited time constraint. We had two weeks to deliver over sixty shots of visual effects, that should take six weeks. We created a system to incorporate fireworks as quickly as possible into the shots, while having flexibility in the final look. The end result created a music video topping the charts and winning multiple awards that people emotionally connected to through the visuals we created.” This is what Mark brings to each production.


Film/TV Credits:

Big Hero 6 (2014) (crowd specialist)

Frozen (2013) (crowd specialist)

Ender’s Game (2013) (Massive supervisor)

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium (2007) (animator)

The Express (2008) (Massive technical director)

Vantage Point (2008) (Massive technical director)

The Leatherheads (2008) (Massive technical director)

Blades of Glory (2007) (Massive supervisor)

The Ant Bully (2006) (animation supervisor)

“The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” (2002-2004) (animator) (15 episodes)

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001) (character animator)

Monkeybone (2001) (miniature sets builder) (uncredited)

Other Projects:

Sophia robot (2015-2016) (Hanson Robotics)

Zeno robot (2007) (Hanson Robotics)


Katy Perry – Firework

Feb. 22 – New Media & Art Activism



Tara McPherson is Professor of Critical Studies at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.  She is a core faculty member of the IMAP program, USC’s innovative practice based-Ph.D., and also an affiliated faculty member in the American Studies and Ethnicity Department.  Her research engages the cultural dimensions of media, including the intersection of gender, race, affect and place.  She has a particular interest in digital media.  Here, her research focuses on the digital humanities, early software histories, gender, and race, as well as upon the development of new tools and paradigms for digital publishing, learning, and authorship.





Lisa Mann is Associate professor of Practice at Hench-DADA. Lisa’s art practice consists of site-specific installations, performances, large-scale sculptures, and experimental films exploring topical social issues.

She has created and exhibited works with themes ranging from the NRA and it’s exploitation of children Prototype for a Play Structure, homelessness George Wilson: Home (more-or-less), the societal effects of the Rodney King police beating Inauguration of Far Bazzar, and domestic violence Seven Lucky Charms. Her multi-projection installations, Tentnology and Tentnology 2.0 investigated the commonplace intrusion of technology into the outdoor camping experience. Her works have ranged from giant inflatable barbershop poles to welded grocery carts to gun-shaped children’s climbing structures.

Lisa has received a Media Arts Fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation and an Annenberg Foundation Independent Media Fellowship. She is the Vice President of NewTown Foundation, an artist-run organization presenting visual, media, and sonic art exhibitions in a variety of untraditional venues.




Feb. 15th – Big Studios Alumni Panel

Meet our wonderful talented alumni who are working in a variety of positions at the major animation and gaming studios. Format will be brief presentations from our guests with Q&A moderated by our seminar teams.



Arjun Rihan is a filmmaker and artist based in the Bay Area. He currently works as a Camera & Staging Artist at PIXAR Animation Studios. 

Arjun has also created several personal animated films. His award-winning work has been exhibited at festivals and venues around the world, including the San Francisco International Film Festival, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Arjun received his MFA in Animation from the University of Southern California in 2009, where he was an Annenberg Fellow. He was an undergraduate at Stanford University.


Shaun Seong-young Kim is an award winning animation artist based in the Bay area. His animations have been shown at Siggraph, College Television Awards, Hirosima International Animation Festival, Melbourne International Animation Festival and many more.Shaun also worked as an animator, layout artist, and director for animation, and gaming studios. Shaun is a Layout TD at PIXAR Animation Studios.


Joanna Griebel is an animatic and video editor in Los Angeles. Her credits include Miles From Tomorrowland, Triptank Season 2, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Kaijudo Rise of the Duel Masters, and more!

Joanna has mostly worked around smaller studios (Hasbro, Titmouse, Shadowmachine, Wild Canary) but for network shows like Disney Junior, Disney eXD, and Comedy Central. She has also directed, written, and animated several short animated films, including the award-winning short film Tomboy.


Renae Radford is a visual development and VFX artist. Renae currently works at the Gaming Company Blizzard Entertainment. Renae has also worked at Dreamworks, Paramount, Disney Toon and Six Point Harness on a variety of projects (video games, tv, and feature).



Jon Gutman is an LA based artist, animator and filmmaker who specializes in visual storytelling through camera, composition and staging.  A native New Yorker, he studied fine art at the University at Buffalo before moving to Los Angeles to attend film school at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.  As a student in their Division of Animation and Digital Arts, his award winning short film, Memorial, was displayed at over 30 film festivals and exhibitions worldwide including Anima Mundi, the Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Siggraph Animation Theater and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

jgutman_pic2After a brief stint as a lead CG artist on commercial and music video projects for clients such as HP, Honda and Prince, Jon accepted a layout position at DreamWorks Animation, focusing primarily on final camerawork and set dressing.  He has since transitioned into a rough layout / previz role, where he works with directors, story and editorial teams to find creative ways to enhance storytelling through cinematography.  In his 7 years at DreamWorks, he has worked on over 10 films and shorts including the How To Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda series.  Jon believes in previsualization as a powerful cinematic tool and finds the work to be the most fulfilling part of his professional journey yet.